Improve muscular strength and endurance, whether to make climbing the stairs easier, improve your ‘one repetition max’ or establish and maintain team selection.


Team sports require players to have a multitude of skills. You need to be flexible and agile, powerful and have the stamina to maintain performance throughout the match. Whether it’s football, hockey or netball, off-pitch training is just as important as team practice.

Muscular strength has often been neglected by health and exercise experts in favour of cardio-vascular fitness. However, it is now well recognised that muscular strength is vital to good health and overall quality of life. Muscles make up more than 40% of your body mass and strong, well-developed muscles help you perform daily activities with greater ease, protect you from injury and enhance your health in numerous other ways.


Muscular strength contributes to good health

By improving your muscular strength you may benefit from:

  • Improved body composition and self-image
  • Reduced risk of chronic disease
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Prevents muscle and nerve degeneration
  • Improves balance reducing risk of falls
  • Increased bone density helping to prevent osteoporosis and associated bone fractures
  • Higher rate of metabolism leading to increased lean muscle mass and reduced body fat
  • Decreased stress
  • Promotes good posture and improves body mechanics

Beneficial whatever your age

Therefore, improving muscular strength and endurance is beneficial for everybody, whatever your age, gender, or level of experience. At Nxtep, you will follow your personally designed programme, using the very best equipment and your trainer will make sure that exercises are performed safely and with the correct technique.

These factors are key in ensuring great results. You will find real enjoyment in measuring your progress in the studio and reaping the rewards of increased energy and strength.


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