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At Nxtep Personal Training, you are our focus. Your programme will be written specifically for you, allowing you to achieve your desired results as effectively as possible.

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At Nxtep, we are passionate about you achieving the results you desire and deserve.  Our personal gym trainers are always on-hand both inside and outside the studio, recognising that extra nutritional guidance, home workouts or simply a motivational text can make all the difference!

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Please see our Google Reviews to see how many happy clients we have helped over the years

“I feel better than I ever thought possible and as an added bonus, people have even commented on how noticeably better I look.”

Harriet Henry - Director of 'The Tea Room' Knutsford

“Chris is an outstanding personal trainer.”

Beverley Grant

“I have totally changed my views on fitness”

Kirsty Wagster

Chris has been a fab Personal Trainer. He got me back in shape after I had my first baby!

Amy Sethi - Business owner Little Blossoms Nursery

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See Our Google Reviews

Jackie KingJackie King
19:38 17 May 22
I first met Chris in January 2020. I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first child. As a trained dancer, and teacher I was hoping to maintain my levels of fitness whilst minimising the risks of my pregnancy. My early dance training concentrated on training my limbs, while often neglecting my ‘centre’ or ‘core’. It wasn’t until a back injury in 2012 due to weak lower back muscles that my approach to training changed. When I first found out about my pregnancy, I worried about my back and how to keep it strong.Chris helped me through my pregnancy teaching me safe ways of keeping my core strong, helping with my postural alignment as well as addressing some muscular imbalances that I wasn’t aware I had. Most importantly, Chris gave me the confidence to continue training through pregnancy. I knew I was in safe hands. Chris is phenomenally knowledgeable in how our bodies work.May 2022, I am currently pregnant with my second child and still continuing to train with Chris at Nxtep. Luca has also joined the team and is a fantastic addition. They are a great team, and I am very lucky to be trained by them both. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about pre or post natal pregnancy training to consider Nxtep.
Sean WSean W
12:09 02 Apr 22
Before starting at Nxtep I would go through a cycle of starting to get fit, injuring my back, then avoiding exercise for fear of making it worse. The same happened when I started here, with my over eagerness to improve leading to the same old injury. Chris and Luca kept me motivated and coached me through the recovery process, allowing me to strengthen the areas susceptible to injury and enabling me to carry on where I’d previously have given up. Now I’m lifting ~100kg more than when I first started and the past few years of persistent back injury seem a distant memory. The guys have helped me with my nutrition, my outlook and overcoming what I previously thought I couldn’t. I can’t thank them both enough!
Paul KennedyPaul Kennedy
22:59 05 Nov 21
I’ve been working with Chris and the team at Nxtep, and the initially just wanted to get stronger and fitter somewhere local when the gym near work was no longer an option due to the pandemic. I know feel really confident handling weights and my diet. I recently saw myself in a film from before I started at Nxtep and other people couldn’t recognise me from me who didn’t know me well so, it definitely works! Highly recommended.
Jordan CraigJordan Craig
20:45 05 Aug 21
Training at Nxtep during Covid was tricky but Chris and Luca made it work! Started with training outdoors in the carpark before we were allowed to move indoors, it was always fun and I feel I made real progress.It never felt just like a business and always felt more caring, I was also doing it as part of my DofE to which Luca/Chris were very helpful with.I've had to stop due to other focuses in life but I've got some real fond memories of the time and am hoping to go back later if I can!
ryan unwinryan unwin
20:29 28 Jul 21
Great personal trainer, his sessions are great and really push you into great mindset to achieve your goals, great knowledge of the body aswell! Would definitely recommend!!
David VDavid V
17:54 22 Oct 20
Wanted to improve all round fitness especially strength and conditioning so contacted & met with Chris.....was very impressed with his approach and was motivated to getting started & looking forward to the challengeChris was fundamental to me in making the nutrition and exercise changes required to achieve goals.... inspiring, motivational, encouraging & supportive he is great to work with......regular tracking & updates help me to stay focused..... Chris is easy to get along with and the sessions are challenging but enjoyable.....
conditioning training equipment

Private Personal Trainer

Are you looking for a private personal trainer to get you fit in one-to-one sessions, in a quiet and luxurious PT gym away from the sweaty crowds? Welcome to Nxtep Personal Training. Nxtep is a high-end private personal training gym owned by Chris Nicklin, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor who has helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Personal training is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing, but some people are put off by the idea of doing their PT sessions in a crowded and sometimes smelly gym environment full of other people, which can make them feel self-conscious while working out.

Nxtep is a Cheshire personal training gym offering a private, one to one personal training service – just you and your private trainer, with no distractions, no noise, and no fellow gym-goers. As you’re the only person there, you can fully concentrate on what your personal gym trainer is telling you. It also means you never have to wait to get on a particular machine, you get your own clean towel for each session and can even put on your own music on if you prefer.

What’s more, because we offer such a bespoke personal training service with low numbers of people attending each day, we can keep the gym sparkling clean and smelling good, befitting of a luxury, private personal training experience.

Group Personal Training

We also offer semi-private, small group personal training where you will still receive personal guidance from your personal gym trainer and you will still be following your own bespoke training programme, but you will share the gym with one to four other people following their own similar programme, but using different machines or other areas of the space. For more details on group personal training, please contact us.

personal trainer with gym

Personal Trainer Gym

Are you looking for a personal trainer with their own gym who can help you get fit away from the crowded rooms of your local big name gym? Nxtep Personal Trainer gym could be the perfect fit for you – we are a small private gym in the centre of the Cheshire town of Knutsford, owned by certified fitness personal trainer Chris Nicklin, who has given over 10,000 PT sessions to date.

As a gym with trainers, we can offer a far more personal, bespoke experience than the commercial gyms can. Not only do you get a true one-to-one personal training service, but you receive your training in a luxury gym environment with no distractions, with the music you want in the background (or no music at all if you prefer!), clean, well-maintained equipment, your own clean towel and drink.

As you will be the only person in the studio (unless you have signed up to semi-private / group personal training), you get 100% of your gym personal trainer’s attention, and you will never have to wait for equipment to be free, meaning you can always carry out the routine you intended, in the same order and in the timeframe you had planned.

luxury gym

Luxury PT Studios

Nxtep is a private gym and PT studio based in the Cheshire town of Knutsford, offering a bespoke fitness experience to people looking for a more boutique, high-end luxury gym.

As a luxury PT gym, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a comfortable, quiet, clean and sophisticated environment in which to work out in, away from the madding crowds.

Our equipment is of a higher quality than you will find in the average commercial gym, where the onus is usually on durability – meaning you will often find yourself on clunky, outdated and even malfunctioning machinery. At Nxtep however, we focus on quality, customisation and comfort. As such, we are equipped with Technogym’s Cardio and Functional Training Machines, a large range of Escape Fitness free weights and even a Concept2 Skierg machine for cross country ski training, among others.

As a luxury personal training studio, our facilities match our equipment; you will find spotless WC and shower facilities where you can refresh yourself with luxury health and beauty products to leave you feeling revived and energised after your session. Our modern changing area features rainfall showers, and of course hair dryers and hair straighteners.

Tea, coffee, cold drinks and a selection of snacks are also available to help you refuel, repair and re-hydrate after your workout, and for while you train, clean towels and chilled water are provided.

personal training with meal plan

Personal Training and Nutrition

Exercise is essential for your physical and mental health, and key to improving your fitness level, losing weight, or to gain strength. However, a personal training programme on its own is only so effective. A good, balanced and healthy nutrition plan working in tandem with your fitness training is vitally important because again, by just following a meal plan on its own, you won’t see much in the way of results. However, combining personal training and nutrition together is hugely effective in helping people achieve their fitness goals. If you are looking to improve your health and ensure that you continue to live a long, healthy life, then it is important that you get yourself into a regime which incorporates both great nutrition and regular personal training.

Personal trainer with meal plan

Personal trainers are hired to help with weight loss and fitness goals, but surprisingly, some PT programmes do not include nutrition advice or meal plans, particularly if you are following a PT plan at a large commercial gym. We believe meal plans are an essential part of the service that should be offered by personal trainers, and it is something we incorporate into every personal training programme at Nxtep. This means that your trainer will create a specific diet plan for you to follow in order to achieve your fitness goals. This can be helpful for people who have difficulty sticking to a healthy diet on their own, or simply need guidance on what to eat, what not to eat, and even portion sizing.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, which is why it can be sensible to consult with a qualified health professional such as a GP or a personal trainer before starting any weight loss or personal training diet plan. However, there are a few key principles that all good diets should adhere to: variety, moderation, and balance. When eating healthy foods, try to include as many different types of nutrients as possible in order for your body to receive the most benefit.

If you are interested in personal training nutrition plans, give us a quick call on 01565 228 467 or drop us a message via the contact form to discuss starting a bespoke training plan created especially for you.

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