At Nxtep, we appreciate the dedication and drive that it takes to succeed in basketball, so we have devised this specialised basketball personal training programme to help you reach your goals.



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Chris Nicklin is a certified Personal Trainer with over 7 years' experience, and the owner of Nxtep Personal Training. Chris qualified from Edge Hill University with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Sports Coaching and Performance Development, and has delivered over ten thousand one-to-one Personal Training sessions.

Updated 23/10/2023

As an experienced personal trainer, I understand the value of personal training in improving basketball performance. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a dedicated amateur, or an emerging star, our basketball training programme is tailored to your unique needs, pushing your basketball skills to the next level.


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Sarah RaoSarah Rao
07:30 30 May 24
20:41 07 May 24
The “personal trainer” at this establishment is very unprofessional and will fat shame people. I do not recommend you will be judged.Edit: No email was left to contact. Leave an email so we can discuss further thank you.
Paul CorriganPaul Corrigan
12:26 10 Mar 24
Sadly I'm leaving the area and would love to take Nxtep with me. I attend the small classes. Chris has created a unique venue that would be hard to match anywhere. The environment is warm and friendly. The sports science work that Chris does behind the scenes to prepare the classes is immense, so that we don't have to worry about it. Just plug and go. Though education is always at hand if required. The classes can be hard work (results driven) but always fun. The equipment is of the highest standard. I've always been around sports but have never experienced anything so positive and rewarding. At 57 there is no way I would ever have thought I'd lift such heavy weights or complete these vigorous exercises. Chris gets you there incrementally and safely but always with great humour. He uses a truly interactive App that plots your progress. A fitness App that actually works, who knew!!Also the clients are lovely and incredibly supportive of each other. Well bloody done Chris!
Aidan McGearyAidan McGeary
07:50 27 Feb 24
Over the past alomost 3 years, Nxtep has been central to my personal growth. Chris and his clients make up a fantastic community of people who have helped me develop in many ways. No one lifts a single kg on my behalf or runs a step for me, but as part of a positive and nurturing environment I have been able to consistently, week in, week out, exceed my expactations of what I am capable of. The Physical and mental benefits I have experienced since being a part of this community have been game changing and I owe them a great deal. Aidan.
Alana McgladeAlana Mcglade
17:44 20 Feb 24
Chris has been absolutely amazing at supporting me on my fitness journey. Everything is tailored to the individual so it suits everyone no matter what stage you're at. There's a really supportive environment that I haven't experienced elsewhere and the flexibility Chris has shown to me when needed has been amazing. Would never go anywhere else now!
Ashleigh PattersonAshleigh Patterson
20:07 18 Feb 24
CHRIS AND LUCA YOU ARE AMAZING AT WHAT YOU DO.At one point i couldnt walk up the stairs... after been hospitalized and locked in a room for nearly a month at pinderfields I was diagnosed with severe asthma to been under observation for COPD at 30 years old and still living everyday with it now, I decided to make a change. I moved to Cheshire I joined @nxtepknutsford and in a matter of months I was competing at @turfgames with the gym familyI cannot thank everyone enough who has been on my journeyNow at 32 I can lift 110kg on a deadliftI can run .... some sort of distance and always improving as much as my lungs will carry me.Never give up and push to be betterWe saw. We came. I conquered! 🏆
Steven ThompsonSteven Thompson
07:40 15 Feb 24
The model works for me , small group of less than 6 with a dedicated trainer . Have used gyms for many years but this model works for me . Complete professional instruction at all times . All about correct technique and protecting back etc . Plus there is no escape - maximising every session and getting maximum benefits . A real community approach .
deborah walkerdeborah walker
10:08 12 Feb 24
Always a great session with Chris .Come away feeling fab
Iain FountainIain Fountain
12:04 06 Feb 24
Have been training regularly each week since October at Nxtep and just wanted to give some feedback on my experience which has been nothing short than excellent. Chris, Luca and the team have provided one and one expertise, techniques, dietary plans to help with weight loss, build lean muscle and improve fitness. Can’t shout their praises enough. Good job Nxtep.
Hannah ThrelfallHannah Threlfall
14:10 10 Nov 23
I signed up for the 6 week body transformation initially to help me get my pre baby body back after gaining a lot of weight through pregnancy. I lost 8.6kgs in the 6 weeks and have since renewed my membership to continue with my progress and I’m almost down 10kgs in total only 2kgs away from my pre pregnancy weight. I have always hated going to the gym and would dread going initially but now I am 8 weeks in, training 3x per week and feeling fitter and much happier in myself it is something I definitely want to continue. I feel it has really changed my lifestyle and I am making healthier choices everyday with a much more positive outlook, my family have commented that the old Hannah is back as before I felt I’d lost myself since becoming a mum for the first time. Chris and Luca are incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy which was very important to me after having a C-section and I have seen huge improvements in my core and lower back stability. I am also enjoying the new friends I am making from the sessions and never thought I’d say it but I’m looking forward to continuing the training long term and being in the best shape of my life!!
Katie MorrisKatie Morris
08:05 15 Sep 23
I've really enjoyed the community at Nxtep. I've never been this thrilled get up before 7am to attend the gym. Chris and Luca are brilliant and I feel I've come so far in the year since I started coming. Looking forward to more progress and the pride that comes with working hard
Lesley SneesbyLesley Sneesby
08:04 15 Sep 23
Thank you Chris and Luca for your amazing help, guidance and support in such a welcoming environment at Nxtep
15:47 03 May 23
I initially joined Nxtep to get a better grip on my fitness levels after yo-yoing for years with sporadic classes and runs. It was an excellent decision as the sessions are three times a week which quickly got me in a good rhythm. Chris and Luca are both fantastic and very patient with a newbie like myself who had never lifted weights before. They have really helped me understand fitness and weight lifting a lot better. They also adjusted any exercises based on my capabilities as I had an injured shoulder for a while, and with the rehab exercises they gave me that’s now back to normal. I can’t recommend Nxtep enough!
15:38 04 Aug 22
I've been working with the guys at Nxtep for about a year now; I originally joined thinking it would be a short-term thing to lose weight for my wedding.A year later and I'm married, 12kg lighter than when I first started, lifting much heavier weights and am in much better shape in general. Chris and Luca have been amazing with my training; they always challenge me to try new things and to push further, which is really helpful for someone who's training has always seemed to plateau in the past.They've also taught me about health and fitness as a lifestyle; there's so much more to it than lifting some weights or constantly being on a diet, and they always keep things new, fun and flexible. They're also really helpful and approachable guys; I've messaged them lots of times to ask for training tips and advice when I'm going to the gym outside of training hours, and they're always more than happy to help.
Jackie KingJackie King
19:38 17 May 22
I first met Chris in January 2020. I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first child. As a trained dancer, and teacher I was hoping to maintain my levels of fitness whilst minimising the risks of my pregnancy. My early dance training concentrated on training my limbs, while often neglecting my ‘centre’ or ‘core’. It wasn’t until a back injury in 2012 due to weak lower back muscles that my approach to training changed. When I first found out about my pregnancy, I worried about my back and how to keep it strong.Chris helped me through my pregnancy teaching me safe ways of keeping my core strong, helping with my postural alignment as well as addressing some muscular imbalances that I wasn’t aware I had. Most importantly, Chris gave me the confidence to continue training through pregnancy. I knew I was in safe hands. Chris is phenomenally knowledgeable in how our bodies work.May 2022, I am currently pregnant with my second child and still continuing to train with Chris at Nxtep. Luca has also joined the team and is a fantastic addition. They are a great team, and I am very lucky to be trained by them both. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about pre or post natal pregnancy training to consider Nxtep.
Sean WSean W
12:09 02 Apr 22
Before starting at Nxtep I would go through a cycle of starting to get fit, injuring my back, then avoiding exercise for fear of making it worse. The same happened when I started here, with my over eagerness to improve leading to the same old injury. Chris and Luca kept me motivated and coached me through the recovery process, allowing me to strengthen the areas susceptible to injury and enabling me to carry on where I’d previously have given up. Now I’m lifting ~100kg more than when I first started and the past few years of persistent back injury seem a distant memory. The guys have helped me with my nutrition, my outlook and overcoming what I previously thought I couldn’t. I can’t thank them both enough!
Paul KennedyPaul Kennedy
22:59 05 Nov 21
I’ve been working with Chris and the team at Nxtep, and the initially just wanted to get stronger and fitter somewhere local when the gym near work was no longer an option due to the pandemic. I know feel really confident handling weights and my diet. I recently saw myself in a film from before I started at Nxtep and other people couldn’t recognise me from me who didn’t know me well so, it definitely works! Highly recommended.
Jordan CraigJordan Craig
20:45 05 Aug 21
Training at Nxtep during Covid was tricky but Chris and Luca made it work! Started with training outdoors in the carpark before we were allowed to move indoors, it was always fun and I feel I made real progress.It never felt just like a business and always felt more caring, I was also doing it as part of my DofE to which Luca/Chris were very helpful with.I've had to stop due to other focuses in life but I've got some real fond memories of the time and am hoping to go back later if I can!
ryan unwinryan unwin
20:29 28 Jul 21
Great personal trainer, his sessions are great and really push you into great mindset to achieve your goals, great knowledge of the body aswell! Would definitely recommend!!
David VDavid V
17:54 22 Oct 20
Wanted to improve all round fitness especially strength and conditioning so contacted & met with Chris.....was very impressed with his approach and was motivated to getting started & looking forward to the challengeChris was fundamental to me in making the nutrition and exercise changes required to achieve goals.... inspiring, motivational, encouraging & supportive he is great to work with......regular tracking & updates help me to stay focused..... Chris is easy to get along with and the sessions are challenging but enjoyable.....
stephen-baker-QAX5Ylx-lKo-unsplash (1)

Why do basketball players benefit from personal training?

In the realm of basketball, players find themselves navigating a complex landscape of physical, mental, and strategic challenges. The sport, inherently demanding in nature, calls for an amalgamation of skills that range from sheer strength and agility to nuanced techniques and game intelligence. It is within this intricate framework that personal training emerges as an invaluable asset, a cornerstone upon which athletes can build a foundation of excellence.

For starters, basketball is not merely a game of skill and speed; it is a symphony of coordinated movements, split-second decisions, and tactical executions. Players are often required to perform a multitude of tasks that require diverse skill sets. They must be able to sprint down the court but also have the strength to hold their ground in the paint. They need the agility to dodge defenders and the hand-to-eye precision to sink three-pointers. It is a game that demands versatility, and versatility is cultivated through targeted, individualised training.

The physical toll that basketball takes on the body is not to be underestimated. The sport involves frequent jumping, lateral movements, and quick changes in direction, all of which place immense stress on the joints and muscles. Personal training can serve as a preventive measure, fortifying the body against the wear and tear of the game. Strength and conditioning exercises tailored to the athlete’s unique physiological needs, contribute to enhanced durability and resilience, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

But the benefits are not confined to the physical realm alone. The psychological advantages of personal training are equally useful. The one-on-one attention allows for a deeper exploration of mental strategies, fostering a mindset that is conducive to high performance. Whether it’s mastering the art of ‘mental rehearsal’ or developing coping mechanisms for game-day pressure, personal training provides the tools to elevate one’s mental game.

In summary, personal training offers a multi-dimensional approach to improvement that is both comprehensive and nuanced. We address the physical, technical, and mental aspects of basketball, providing a holistic pathway to athletic superiority. For basketball players, the investment in personal training is not just an expenditure; it is a long-term commitment to excellence, a pledge to the pursuit of greatness.


What is personal training for basketball players?

Our personal training for basketball programme is a meticulously crafted plan designed to address the multifaceted demands that basketball imposes on its players.

To the uninitiated, personal training might appear as a one-size-fits-all solution to physical fitness. However, when it comes to individual sports such as basketball, personal training becomes a dynamic, adaptive process that takes into account the unique physiological, psychological, and tactical needs of each player. Our personal trainers, armed with a deep understanding of the science of human movement, curate individualised training plans that are as diverse as they are targeted.

The programme includes a blend of strength training, agility drills, and skill-specific exercises, each tailored to enhance particular aspects of a player’s game. But it doesn’t stop there. We also incorporate elements of mental conditioning, nutritional guidance, and recovery protocols, thereby creating a holistic training environment that nurtures not just the body, but also the mind and spirit.

Personal training for basketball players is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to athletic development. It is an amalgamation of science and art, where data meets intuitive understanding, and where rigorous training is balanced by mindful rest and recovery.


Benefits of Personal Training for Basketball Players

Improved Athletic Performance

Personal training can significantly enhance a basketball player’s overall athletic performance. We have designed a tailored programme that focuses on improving speed, agility, and strength – all crucial for basketball. This targeted approach ensures that the athlete’s training is aligned with the specific demands of the sport, leading to more effective results.

Injury Prevention

Basketball players are prone to injuries like ankle sprains and knee issues due to the high-impact nature of the sport. Our training plan includes exercises that strengthen the muscles around these vulnerable areas, thereby reducing the risk of injury, and your personal trainer will ensure that you are using the correct form during exercises, which is another key factor in injury prevention.

Mental Conditioning

The mental aspect of basketball is just as important as the physical. We can incorporate mental conditioning exercises into the training regimen, such as visualisation techniques and stress management strategies. This helps players to stay focused during high-pressure situations in games and improves their overall mental resilience.

Nutritional Guidance

Proper nutrition is essential for peak performance in any sport, including basketball. In addition to providing valuable advice on diet and supplementation, we will also devise a bespoke nutrition plan just for you and your body, ensuring that you are adequately fueled for both training and competition.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We can quickly adapt the training programme to meet the evolving needs of the basketball player. Whether it’s adjusting for an upcoming competition or modifying the routine due to an injury, our personal trainers’ expertise ensures that your training remains effective and relevant.

By investing in personal training, basketball players can gain a competitive edge that is tailored to their individual needs and goals. The benefits are enormous and can make a significant difference in both short-term performance and long-term career success.


Our Training Methodology

Needs Assessment and Goal Setting

Before embarking on any training programme, it’s crucial to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. This involves evaluating the person’s current physical condition, skill level, and specific requirements related to basketball. Goal setting is equally important; it serves as the roadmap for the training journey. Short-term goals might include improving shooting accuracy or defensive skills, while long-term objectives could focus on overall athletic development or preparation for competitive events.

Individualised Training Plans

Basketball is a multifaceted sport that demands a range of skills—speed, agility, strength, and tactical understanding, to name a few. Therefore, individualised training plans are developed to address these specific needs. Periodisation techniques are employed to ensure that you peak at the right times, particularly during competitive seasons.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning training are the cornerstones of athletic performance. For basketball players, this involves not just muscle building but also plyometric exercises for explosive power and agility drills to improve court movement. Conditioning exercises are tailored to mimic the high-intensity intervals experienced during a basketball game.

Speed and Agility Training

Basketball is a fast-paced game that requires quick changes in direction, rapid acceleration, and deceleration. Drills are designed to improve these aspects, focusing on both linear and lateral movements. Footwork is also a critical component, especially for manoeuvring around opponents.

Plyometrics and Explosive Exercises

Explosive power is vital for activities like jumping to make a shot or block an opponent. Plyometric exercises, such as box jumps or medicine ball slams, are integrated into the training regimen. These are performed with the utmost attention to form and technique to minimise injury risk.

Flexibility and Mobility

Given the dynamic nature of basketball, flexibility and mobility training are essential. Dynamic stretches are performed before training sessions, and static stretches are used for cool-down to improve range of motion and reduce muscle tension.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in an athlete’s performance and recovery, which is why we provide a comprehensive nutrition plan with every personal training programme. Caloric needs are calculated based on training intensity and metabolic rate, while macronutrients are balanced to fuel workouts and aid recovery.

Mental Conditioning

The mental aspect of basketball is often underestimated. Techniques such as mindfulness and positive self-talk are employed to improve focus, reduce anxiety, and build confidence. This is crucial for high-pressure situations you will find yourself in, such as those tense penalty shots or final quarter plays.

Monitoring and Progress Evaluation

Regular assessments are conducted to track improvements in key performance indicators such as sprint times and vertical jump height. These assessments inform any necessary adjustments to the training plan.

By adopting this comprehensive training methodology, basketball players are equipped to improve in all facets of the game, from physical prowess to mental resilience.


Nutritional Guidance for Basketball Players

Understanding the Importance of Nutrition in Basketball Performance

Nutrition is the cornerstone of any athlete’s performance, and basketball players are no exception. Proper nutrition ensures that players have the energy, stamina, and resilience to train and compete at the highest level. It also supports the recovery process after intense training sessions, promoting muscle repair and adaptation.

Tailored Meal Plans to Suit Individual Caloric and Macronutrient Needs

Basketball is a high-intensity sport that demands a lot of energy. Therefore, it’s crucial to calculate your caloric needs based on your training intensity and specific athletic goals. A balanced intake of macronutrients —proteins, carbohydrates, and fats —is essential for muscle development, sustained energy, and effective recovery. This is why we provide a comprehensive meal plan for every PT plan.

Pre- and Post-Training Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Energy and Recovery

  • Fueling Up Before Training and Competition: Pre-training meals should provide sustained energy and prevent fatigue. A combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins is recommended.
  • Enhancing Recovery with Post-Training Nutrition: After intense workouts, your body needs nutrients for recovery. A post-training meal rich in proteins and carbohydrates can facilitate faster recovery and muscle growth.

Hydration Guidelines for Peak Basketball Performance

Proper hydration is non-negotiable for peak performance in basketball. Dehydration can severely impact your energy levels, focus, and overall well-being. It’s crucial to maintain proper fluid balance during training and competitions to stay at the top of your game.


Mental Conditioning for Basketball Players

Understanding the Influence of Mindset on Performance

In the realm of basketball, mental resilience is as crucial as physical prowess. A strong mindset can significantly impact your performance on the court, empowering you to handle pressure situations effectively. Confidence is your armour on the court; it enables you to take crucial shots fearlessly and make strategic decisions under pressure.

Techniques for Enhancing Focus, Concentration, and Confidence

Mindfulness and Visualisation Techniques

Mindfulness and visualisation are potent tools in basketball. They improve your focus and mental clarity, enabling you to execute plays and take shots with precision. Visualisation techniques can help you mentally rehearse game scenarios, thereby boosting your confidence and readiness.

Goal Setting and Positive Self-Talk

Setting clear and achievable goals is vital for any basketball player. Positive self-talk can help cultivate an empowering inner dialogue that reinforces your capabilities and self-worth, making you more resilient during games.

Addressing Performance Anxiety and Managing Competitive Stress

Coping Strategies

Performance anxiety is a common challenge, especially during crucial games or playoffs. Effective coping strategies, such as deep breathing and focusing techniques, can help you stay composed and perform at your best when the pressure is high.

Stress Management Techniques

Competitive stress can impact your overall performance and decision-making on the court. Stress management techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation and mental imagery, can equip you with practical tools to navigate stress and maintain mental equilibrium throughout the game.

Monitoring and Progress Evaluation

Regular assessment and tracking are essential for your growth in mental conditioning. Utilising performance metrics like focus levels during games, response to pressure situations, and overall mental resilience can help in monitoring your development. Periodic assessments serve as milestones, helping to evaluate your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and adjust your mental conditioning strategies accordingly.

By integrating these mental conditioning strategies into your training regimen, you can approach each game with unwavering confidence and mental resilience, making you not just a player but a formidable competitor on the basketball court.

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