Achieve greater range of movement, become ‘less stiff’, improve posture and feel better.

Most people are unaware of their posture as it has developed subconsciously over a period of time. Any repetitive action will cause an imbalance and changes in posture and movement patterns. This could lead to limited mobility, chronic pain and long term health problems if not addressed.

Improve your posture, balance and co-ordination

Optimal postural position will ensure long term health of the spine and joints of the body, thereby enabling you to live the life you want to lead, whether it’s to improve sports performance or simply feel less stiff. Your initial consultation will include an assessment of both your static posture and movement patterns. Any identified postural deviation and movement dysfunction will be addressed by applying corrective strategies within your programme.

These will help to:

  • Reduce tension and discomfort
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve balance and co-ordination
  • Increase body awareness
  • Reduce strains and risk of progressive deformity
  • Avoid downward spiral of activity
  • Improve quality of life and well-being

At Nxtep, your trainer places great importance on improving movement patterns, exercising using the correct technique and promoting good posture. We ensure that you exercise efficiently, understanding which exercises to include and which to avoid dependent on your assessment.

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