Positivity is the key.

22nd Feb 2020

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Chris Nicklin is a certified Personal Trainer with over 7 years' experience, and the owner of Nxtep Personal Training. Chris qualified from Edge Hill University with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Sports Coaching and Performance Development, and has delivered over ten thousand one-to-one Personal Training sessions.

Have your New Year’s resolutions dwindled to dust? Has this wet and windy start to the
year seen you fall from grace once again? Did you take the approach of setting yourself new
challenges to undertake, or was it another failed attempt at trying to ditch the booze for
Jan’ followed by other negatives, rather than striving for positive changes?

To quote an inspirational idol of mine “just as negative thoughts create a negative life, so
positive thoughts create a positive life”.

Your mind is a powerful tool and by setting challenges for positive changes to your lifestyle,
it helps you become empowered reaching higher rates of success

Too many times, I come across people wanting to do dry January, or cutting out [insert
forbidden food here], however dwelling on the negatives proves time and time again you’re
destined to fail.

March is on the horizon, you’re not quite where you thought you’d be by now but you’ve
got to put these last 2 months behind you and focus your mind on the positives moving

I ran a few ideas past my sister to help her with her fitness journey to improve gradually
over the next few months, to help her embrace the confidence in her own ability by
improving her daily habits one month at a time.

Why not give them a try yourself and see if you can make constructive impacts towards your
health and happiness!

Let’s start to focus on the can-do:

– For the month of March I challenged her to complete 10,000 steps per day, rather
than saying she’s no longer driving to the shops.

– For April we decided that she would guarantee she would go outside with the
children every single Sunday, come rain or shine. Rather than saying she’s not
staying in the house on the weekends.

– For the month of May, she’s going to cook at least 2 healthy recipes from scratch per
week instead of saying she’s not eating takeaways.

– For the month of June, she is going to teach herself one new thing about fitness she
didn’t know each week to add to her weekly fitness routine. Instead of saying I can’t
sit watching all those episodes of the newest box set we’ve just started.

– Finally for July, she’s going to improve her wellbeing by focusing on introducing
some form of yoga or meditation to her weekly routine. Rather than saying I’m going
to try and not stress as much about things.

You see it all boils down to the way you think about your actions. Where your thoughts
dwell, so becomes your reality. You will never change your life until you change something
positively daily.

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