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Running Events

All running events should be taken seriously and a structured training plan undertaken. If you have set yourself a challenge of running either a fun run, 5km or 10km, half marathon or full marathon, you will benefit from undertaking an in-studio exercise programme as well as your outdoor running miles. This will help you prevent injury in the build-up and avoid disrupting your training. On race day, you will line up confident in your preparation, ready to complete the full distance and have the best chance of achieving your target time.

Additionally you will gain the following benefits:


  • Increased strength of major muscle groups, ligaments and tendons supporting joints resulting in less stress and injury

  • Increased flexibility and range of movement

  • Improved movement patterns and technique, increasing efficiency of running

  • Increased cardio-vascular and respiratory fitness, improving endurance and stamina

At Nxtep, we

will embrace your running goal!


At Nxtep, we will embrace your running goal. We will design a training programme written specifically for you, whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned runner and support you throughout the entire preparation period. You will enjoy your exercise experience at Nxtep and see amazing improvements to your outdoor running as a result.

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