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Get the most from your skiing by improving overall strength and stamina and prepare for the demands of the slopes with ski specific exercises.

Fitness for Skiing

Complement your outdoor running with focussed strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility work. Make the most of your place whether your goal is fun run completion or marathon personal best.

Running Events

Gain an edge with a targeted training programme to achieve sport specific goals whether it’s an improved handicap, a stronger serve or a faster stroke.

Individual Sport and Leisure Activity Fitness

Establish and maintain team selection and improve match performance through increased stamina, strength and mobility.

Improve your show or match performance focussing on core strength, balance, posture,

co-ordination and stamina. Off horse exercise is essential to achieve your riding goals.

To reduce the risk of serious health conditions, improve quality of life and have confidence in your ability to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Successful Ageing Equestrian Fitness Team Sports Fitness

Increase energy levels, become stronger, look and feel good into your sixties with confidence that you are building the foundations for a healthy future.

Fifty Plus Fitness

To begin or continue exercise during pregnancy and to regain fitness levels and body shape after birth. Exercise in confidence at this important time in your life with expert guidance.

To achieve greater range of movement, become ‘less stiff’, improve posture and feel better.

Improved Mobility Pre and Post Pregnancy

To improve heart health and lung function, increasing stamina and endurance, whether to ‘keep up with the kids’ or improve sports performance.

To improve muscular strength and endurance, whether to make climbing the stairs easier or to improve your ‘one repetition max’.

Strength & Conditioning

To enhance your physique through toning, muscle building and body sculpting.

Muscular Definition

To become slimmer, leaner and improve health and well-being by reducing body fat percentage.

Fat Loss


At Nxtep Personal Training, you will have a training programme written specifically for you. This is key in achieving your desired results.

An Initial Consultation will help your trainer understand where you currently are, where you want to get to and how best to help you get there. This comprehensive consultation will cover:


Whether you are an experienced athlete or new to exercise, attention to improving posture, mobility, technique during exercise and core strength are common to all programmes. You may be able to identify your training objective from the following:

Training Objectives

  • Aspirations

  • Lifestyle

  • Exercise History

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Postural Assessment

  • Nutritional Analysis

  • Identification of Barriers

  • Goal Setting

Improved Cardio Vascular/Respiratory Fitness

The training studio has been luxuriously designed with privacy and client comfort in mind. At Nxtep you will exercise in a private environment with a maximum of two clients present during one to one training hours. It will be a pleasure to exercise with sweat free equipment, away from crowds, with immaculate changing facilities and exclusive personal attention. You can be assured of our professionalism and discretion at all times.

Exercise in a private environment

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