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Analyse – an Initial Consultation enables us to gather essential information about your lifestyle, eating/drinking habits and aspirations. Together with a completed food diary we will obtain relevant and necessary insight to help you move forward.


Devise – We will formulate a strategy, incorporating personal nutritional advice, food choice recommendations, lifestyle changes, managing “difficult” social occasions and other personal requirements.


Monitor – Working closely with you and maintain regular contact we will continually review progress, make changes, give further advice and set additional goals.


Whether you are working towards optimal health, fat loss, muscular gain or seeking to achieve peak sporting performance it is vital that you get your diet right.

Many commonly occurring health complications and diseases are closely associated with what you eat and drink. The following serious health conditions; obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and some cancers have been shown to have food and diet as a significant factor.


When seeking to increase strength and size or aid recovery, food and diet are the essential building blocks.

Nutrition at Nxtep

At Nxtep, we understand that lifetime habits are the basis of what we are today. We believe that a long term approach is required to achieve significant lifestyle changes which are sustainable. All too often, the latest faddy diet is inevitably abandoned and ever changing nutritional headlines cause confusion and despair.


Nxtep’s friendly, supportive, realistic approach will help you make sense of it all and seeing that small changes really do make a difference will make you feel great and motivated.

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At Nxtep Personal Training, we can analyse, devise and monitor your nutritional intake.

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My passion. – Nutrition is my passion. I’m ‘that guy’ you see reading the back of everything in the supermarket. I like to know exactly what I’m eating so I can predict how it will affect in particular my physique and physical appearance. My areas of specialisation include nutrition for weight loss, sports performance and physical transformation. I guess we all have our own ‘thing’ and nutrition is mine! I find it both incredibly interesting and also motivating how you can completely change your physical appearance using nutrition as a tool.


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My story, by David Bell